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The faces behind the computer screen:


Ricard Teixidó

Ricard has an extensive background in Naval Architecture and Civil Engineering with a Masters in Composites Engineering. His designs reflect a intuition that he shared with the late, great Ben Lexan. Perfectly balanced between art and science to produce efficient, powerful hull forms with a distinctive fine entry and flare to cut through the water cleanly and deflect the spray from the deck and crew. Ricard has now progressed from enjoying the success of campaigning his own self-built and designed yacht to now enjoying his growing family.




Tim Harrold

Tim grew up racing and messing about with boats on Sydney Harbour; from Skiffs to Maxis he is never far from the water. As the antipodean partner, he mixes his background of professional sailing and Industrial Design experience to produce innovative and functional solutions to the countless facets of the yacht design process. Basically, Ricard makes them go fast and Tim makes them look good! Passionate about racing and the state of the environment , which currently are mutually exclusive he hopes to develop future projects that will create radical change..








About us > Design Philosophy


Our design philosophy is about efficiency, simplicity and form. 'Doing the most with the least' as Bucky Fuller would claim. Design is all about compromise and delivering the best possible result to fulfill the clients brief and exceeding their expectations at every possibility. We don't want to be the biggest studio -big is cancer -we just aspire to be the best at our specialties -to do 'ordinary things, extraordinarily well' as Architect Glenn Murcutt says.

To design great yachts that fulfill their speed and or comfort objective on a modest budget.

One of the the most exciting and creative parts for us is the initial design meeting with the client whether a race team or a solo yachtsman and creating the most radical concepts. Then within the design brief refining our ideas down to a realistic concept that is simple in execution and feasible to build. Great boats require great clients and that on-going relationship is very important to us. We look forward to meeting or hearing from anyone with a passion for sailing and a desire to win. Or if you just want to cruise around at least ensure you arrive in style!

Happiness is the promise of beauty.





About us > Future


The future for us is going to require radical change. We want to continue to play boats, but not at the detriment and ultimate cost to the environment for future generations. That is why we are now researching and taking steps to build our designs from non-petrolum based materials which is currently not possible as the weapon of choice is carbon fibre and epoxy resin. The latter being carcinogenic to boatbuilders and all living organisms.

There will be some compromise required for lightweight construction, but ultimately handicap systems must also begin to penalise the actual environmental footprint of the boat and crew -not just arbitrary figures and hull measurements. Despite the terrible amount of 'green washing' that is occurring in the marine industry, pop-culture and most other industries, it is an indication that the winds are changing. That race organisers and media are finally taking the environment seriously and making steps to change the way we will eventually build boats and think about the way the West lives, consumes and pollutes.

As part of this concern, we are mounting a new collaboration called bionicboats, which will emerge from the green wash as a truly sustainable way to build performance boats and preserve the environment we so much love to sail in.

Stay tuned...





"On an ancient wall in china, where a brooding Buddha blinks

deeply graven is the message 'it is later than you think'.

The clock of life is wound but once and no one has the power

to tell just when the clock will stop at late or early hour

so now is all the time you own, the past a golden link

so go sailing now my brother, it is later than you think."

-read in an old AYRS paper.