The Design Process is a wonderful spiralling adventure which begins with the client and the Design Brief -a holy document that guides the project, but still gives it space for freedom and creativity to solve the design criteria. We welcome and enjoy the ongoing input from clients, maintaining a continuous dialogue with feedback throughout the whole process.

When a client approaches us with an idea for their new yacht we first discuss the various construction methods and materials most suited to the yachts purpose. From this we can quote on our design & engineering fees which are between 7-10% of the total build cost. The design fees are broken down into 3 main design phases:

1. Concept Design -the exciting initial phase where many concepts are explored and presented and general dimensions agreed.

2. Preliminary Design -refinement of the chosen concept where the design is formalised into a Bid Package for prospective builders.

3. Design Project - this is where all the engineering details are realised and all drawings necessary for construction are produced.

Generally the Design Project phase overlaps with the Construction phase;

4. Construction & Fitout

5. Launching & Sea Trials

If you have an idea that you would like to share, please contact us to see how we can develop it into your own custom design.




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