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Design and engineering of custom "Fender Whips", also known as "Tender Whips" or "Mooring Whips". Our whips are superior in every way to the standard fishing rod style whips on the market. Available in any length from 5.0m to 7.0m depending on the size and displacement of the superyacht tender. They will maintain them at a safe distance from the hull of the mothership in all conditions.

A large number of these are in use on many of the top megayacht and superyachts and are the leading choice for crews. This is due to the high build quality by Carbonway and their perfect balance of flex vs strength.

We also design and sell custom sockets and whip bases in carbon fibre, stainless and anodised aluminium. They can be attached to the deck, a tender garage, gunwale, transom or mooring pontoon. See some examples here.

Available in any Awlgrip colour, standard finishes are in white or grey.

Download a PDF for more information or please contact us for a quote on how to adapt them to your vessel.




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