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The recently launched Acciona 100% Eco Energy powered IMOCA Open 60 is the result of an unprecedented amount of design, research and development time for a yacht of this type. Skipper Javier 'Bubi' Sanso will compete again in the 2012 Vendee Globe after an underwater collision prevented him finishing the 2000 Vendee with his first Ricard Teixido designed Open 60.

What is so innovative about his new boat is that all the energy systems are completely renewable and autonomous without the need for any fossil fuels. The most distinct feature being the solar panels that run along the gunwale that we developed along side the Project Manager who produced the concept along with many other aspects.

We also designed the distinct red 'Delta' cabin, which is lighter and stronger than similar structures as well as giving the yacht its distinct character. Some of the other specialists involved were:

Project Management: Michel Sampers

Hull Design: Clay Oliver

Naval Architecture: OCD

Cabin, Eco energy systems and 3D design: teixido-harrold

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