This is the inner-world of a designer´s mind -the origin of our ideas at its rawest -without the tidy Photoshop presentation effects.

We always carry a sketchbook and more recently adapting to tablet based phones endlessly sketching and doodling -even on the back of clichéd napkins during lunch. A visual dialogue between the designer and their thoughts.

For us the thumbnail sketch is still one of the most powerful genesis for an idea. Beyond the countless hours clicking away in front of the computer screen with expensive CAD programs and impressive graphics pushing pixels. All of that is useless unless creativity and inspiration is applied -and the most honest and direct method is still pen and paper.

Above all we are creators. We don´t create for the sake of the new -we create for the sake of innovation, always looking how to improve the function and the aesthetics.

You can find more polished ´designer sketches´ elsewhere on our website.


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